A Glimpse of Me

I was born and raised in small town Saskatchewan. I started playing guitar at twenty, teaching myself my favorite songs by Emmylou, Crystal Gayle and the Judds. I was a closet player and songwriter for many years, performing private concerts for only my family. My Mom was my biggest fan! As the demands of wife and motherhood took over, my guitar was put into the closet, by itself, where it stayed for 16 years.

In 1999 I moved to Calgary with my children and a much loved, but lonely guitar. With encouragement from my teenagers, family and friends, I went to my first fami camp (foothills acoustic music institute)
fami.ca in 2004. The music flame was re-kindled and the songs keep coming. I have many interests but songwriting is my passion.

Once I stood up and said: “I am a songwriter/singer”, the doors have opened. The music community is so amazing and encouraging. I have met the most wonderful friends and LIFE IS FUN!!! A huge piece of me was missing for 16 years, so I know now to never hide a piece of my heart. Here’s to music, my kids, my friends, my family, my cats, travel, the teachings of Abraham, and of course the Universe for blessing me with all of the above. I am inspired and in JOY! Thank you Abraham.

Our lives are unlimited!